What Is Low Power Bluetooth LED Light Bulb

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Also known as Bluetooth 4.0, is a supplement to the Bluetooth 3.0 + HS specification, specifically for the cost and power consumption has a higher demand for wireless solutions, can be widely used in health care, sports fitness, home entertainment, security and many other areas.

Supports two deployment modes: dual mode and single mode. Dual-mode, low-power Bluetooth features integrated in the existing classic Bluetooth controller, or in the existing classic Bluetooth technology (2.1 + EDR / 3.0 + HS) chip to add low-power stack.

LED is the English light emitting diode (abbreviation), its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, with silver glue or white plastic curing to the bracket, and then use a silver wire or gold wire to connect the chip and circuit board , And then surrounded by epoxy resin seal, play a role in protecting the internal core.

LED lights built-in Bluetooth module, Bluetooth module is BLE Bluetooth module, are low-power Bluetooth module. Through the phone Bluetooth connection LED lights, to achieve mobile phone control light brightness, color and power switch and other functions. Bluetooth LED Light Bulb also have and ordinary LED lights low power consumption, high brightness, power saving features. Intelligent LED lights part of the model to increase the wireless module, through the connection WIFI network to achieve remote control functions.

Low-power Bluetooth LED Light Bulb with the same difference is that the LED lights will be built a Bluetooth module, the Bluetooth module is BLE Bluetooth module, are low-power Bluetooth module. But now the low-power Bluetooth LED Light Bulb, Bluetooth can be connected through the phone Bluetooth Bluetooth module, in the mobile phone control on the LED brightness and color of the LED! SKYLAB have a single low-power Bluetooth LED, there are Mesh Bluetooth network control!

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