What Are The Main Features Of Intelligent Toys?

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Division I and others believe that intelligent toys are digital features of the new toys. It will digital media and traditional toys integration, through the use of multimedia and human-computer interaction provides a rich game environment. Intelligent Toys can provide children with a variety of options, such as support for cooperative games, positive reactions and imaginary games.

These are Chinese foreign researchers on the description of Intelligent Toys, Chinese scholars have not "Intelligent Toys" to make in-depth discussion of the definition. In this article, we will be defined as intelligent toys by the physical entities and intelligent technology to form a new type of toys, users can make the operation of the intelligent feedback, through two-way interaction with the user to complete the default task; part of the intelligent toys But also has the ability to expand, can be combined. Intelligent Toys can be used to improve the user's imagination, creativity and cognitive skills.

1. Both physical entities and smart chip components

Traditional toys have physical entities, but the lack of intelligent technical elements, a single form of the game. And based on the screen of virtual toys, although there are dynamic, rich scenes, a variety of games, but it is virtual, can not have the experience of interaction with the entity. Intelligent toys both tangible entities, but also embedded in the high-tech smart chip components, a variety of innovative technology elements into the traditional toys, rich traditional game of the game, to provide a more perfect senses.

2. With a variety of perception, can provide a rich interactive way

Two-way interaction is one of the most important features of Intelligent Toys. Traditional human-computer interaction is simple, one-way. Some electronic toys in the open power will repeat the music, repeat a few simple action, can not be based on the reaction of the outside world to choose the output of the content and form, available game mode is not much. Thus, the user will soon lose interest. Intelligent toys and user interaction is complex, rich, for different input can make different feedback. They seem to have a touch, listen, as a variety of sensory life, can make intelligent feedback on environmental stimuli. For example, the United States Hasbro company developed the "Phoebe Wizard" toys, in its lovely plush appearance hidden under the five touch sensors, scratch its head, back, stomach, or tail it to make the appropriate action, LCD screen production of the eyes can also express a variety of feelings; the same time, it also has a simple natural language processing, semantic analysis and understanding, knowledge building and self-learning ability, with the player directly through language interaction.

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