The Future Of Intelligent Toys Is So Fun

- Jul 06, 2017 -

To the toys, naturally think of children, however, in what products are the pursuit of intelligent era, children's toys will certainly not miss, then what is the current Intelligent Toys? What is the future of Intelligent Toys? What is the impact of Intelligent Toys on children? Before figuring out these questions, let's take a look at the data.

According to China's fifth census data: 14 years of age children and infants and young children with 290 million. Experts predict that China has entered a new population during the peak period, by 2016, population growth will remain at the level of 1600-2000 million per year.

A survey shows that the national 0-12 year-old children, the monthly total consumption of more than 3.5 billion yuan: Bacheng working class or three family, a child's average consumption of more than an adult. Said so much data, just want to show that the child is really now have the potential, it will spend money, children's toys are also very market.

Future Intelligent Toys should be like this

First of all, this toy should be a camera. Now there are a lot of cameras are made of toys look, but it is only a camera, the child is difficult to hold out to play. If the toy has a camera function, then the children playing cool at the same time can guarantee the safety of the child.

Intelligent Toys should be a Transformers. Then you will want to have a Transformers ah, then you have seen Barbie dolls, Bear is a Transformers? When you put a toy tired, then you want the toys you want what kind of toys, this time your hands of toys into the toys you want, is not very magical. Then the problem has come, this toy is not every child only need one on the line?

Intelligent Toys should be a doctor, the child is very afraid of the doctor, then if the toy is a doctor, through the toy can diagnose where the child is sick, and then like the parents out of the sick, diagnosed a serious illness is still a distant fever Is it possible!

Intelligent Toys are teachers, can speak the toy is not a problem, but when the child's teacher is still very far, when the child in the study when the toy on the side when the child encountered problems or wrong words, and then when the Intelligent Toys Act as a teacher to help children solve the problem, so you must have children do not have to force the mother to learn it!

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