How Keys Finder Works?

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Key finderis built in bluetooth module by pairing bluetooth module with bluetooth sigal of mobile phone. Anti Lost alarm device will not alarm in the range of mobile phones can receive bluetooth signal.So do not have to worry about the beloved things losing no matter how theft or the goods themselves slide out. Anti Lost Finder is always connected with the owner closely linked together, which known as the most loyal anti-lost products. Once the object is left away from the effective range of phone alarm 30 meters, the key finder locator lost the bluetooth sigal, it will immediately alarm on the key finder alarm buzzer to remind the phone owner to retrieve the lost object.

Swalle introduces different styles of bluetooth key finders, which is more suitable for all aspects of life, not only for items, but also for children, pets for loss prevention, wireless bluetooth finder has played an important role in people's lives.


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