Children's Intelligent Toys: Both Opportunities And Challenges

- Jul 18, 2017 -

The rapid development of science and technology created the infinite convenience of life, but also for our lives to bring more fun, for the children's toy market, technology and toy products itself has spawned the further development of intelligent toy market. Toy intelligence has become the inevitable trend of the development of the toy industry, with the family for the increase in the demand for toy products, the future Intelligent Toys market Branch mining potential is huge, but this does not mean that the future of the Intelligent Toys market must be optimistic, There are opportunities to challenge, the domestic Intelligent Toys market also exists some unavoidable problems.

Children's Intelligent Toys companies need to recognize the reality

For the domestic Intelligent Toys market, the biggest problem lies in the lack of own-brand. China has its own brand and brand in the market influential, well-known enterprises are not many, which led directly to the intelligent toy manufacturers to produce first-class products and not from the market in exchange for a reasonable profit.

Some independent research and development of the product will be due to lack of product image vitality and appeal, making the product can not have a long life cycle in the market and the rich value-added return, it is difficult to mobilize more manufacturers from the enthusiasm and creativity, In the long run, the domestic Intelligent Toys market will face a cruel test.

In addition, most of the domestic Intelligent Toys manufacturers rely heavily on the international market problems can not be ignored, for the serious dependence on the international market led to the international form of turbulent period, the survival and development of enterprises will easily be affected. This is for the domestic manufacturers, the long-term stability is difficult to maintain, the phenomenon of overnight ups and downs have occurred.

In addition, China's children's Intelligent Toys market lack of innovation, most of the homogenization of serious plush electronic pets and simulation dolls caused the consumer's visual fatigue, in fact, Intelligent Toys industry, play is new, strange, strange, diverse The packaging and style of children have a great attraction. However, the reality is that some Intelligent Toys manufacturers but only one or a few products, do not pay attention to research and development of new products, still old products to meet the new market competition, the main price war, simply meaningless.

From the child's intelligent toy product itself

Children's toy market from the early simple function, to now a variety of intelligent operation, the speed of development is also rapid. Obviously, the economic interests of toys is to guide the intelligent development of the important reasons, there are data show that in 2013 global toy sales have exceeded $ 92.5 billion, part of the high profits, high prices of Intelligent Toys replaced by future manufacturers will Will increase the added value, bring higher economic benefits.

Of course, have to see, intelligent toys also have a high-tech content in order to bring some benefits for the manufacturers. In the function, intelligence and interactivity has become the most important two major painful toy, which is not only reflected in the toys and children can be "emotional" communication, but also reflected in the children's emotional care field. Intelligent toys can cultivate children's good habits, and in the pleasure of learning, experience life, and truly achieve the purpose of entertaining.

Toy companies will be electronic, computer, network and other advanced technology into the toy products which broke through the limitations of traditional toys, giving toys "listen", "say" function, and people interact.

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